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UUS.IO and Omocom collaborates and offers insurance for electronics

Uppdaterat: 7 sep. 2022

Valore aggiunto con l'assicurazione!

About UUS.IO ‘Valore aggiunto con l'assicurazione’ is Italian and translates ‘Added value with insurance’, which is exactly what newly launched UUS.IO want to accomplish when offering an affordable insurance in connection with a purchase of a phone on their site.

UUS.IO is a Finnish-founded company and marketplace that promotes sustainability through technology. The platform is the place for consumers to connect by finding quality phones at a fair price and get the best price from their old phone. AI pricing technology ensures fair prices for both buyers and sellers, and through UUS.IO’s hardware inspection the condition of the phone is guaranteed. The UUS.IO-marketplace will also have phone accessories available, such as screen protectors and phone cases, to make sure your new phone stays intact and in good condition. If you’re still worried about something happening to your new phone, the Omocom-insurance is to your service. The insurance is a so-called damage insurance that covers sudden and unforeseen damages, such as a cracked screen or water damages.

UUS.IO have partnered up with one of Japan’s largest trading companies Marubeni, who invested in UUS to scale the business throughout Europe. About the collaboration The partnership between UUS.IO and Omocom has kicked off in Italy and will continue to expand to other European markets. The collaboration in between the companies is fully integrated, which gives a seamless customer experience all the way from purchase of the phone-purchase until filing a claim and getting reimbursed.

“I am happy to say that co-operation has been super smooth with Omocom. Working with Business partner that has ability to execute is necessity. Together we are stronger and faster in the Market!”

- Olli Tannerkoski - Co-Founder - Chairman of the board - CCO - Nordic Mobile Trust Ltd. Isak Albihn, Business Developer at Omocom continues and says the following about the collaboration: “It has been a pleasure to work with the team at UUS. Together we will make sure more smartphones stay in use for longer. Omocom is looking forward to further and extended collaboration with UUS to get even more people to dare to buy refurbished smartphones!” About Omocom Omocom is a Swedish founded insurtech-company that distributes API-based on-demand insurances. Omocom works with platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources, for a more sustainable future.

Fun facts

Both company names UUS.IO and Omocom has circular meanings.

  • “Uus” is a Finnish everyday word for “New” in Finnish, and “uusio” means “recycled” or “reuse” depending on the context.

  • Omocom originates from the Swedish “om och om” which translates “again and again”, which aims to keeping existing products in use.

UUS.IO is convenience, reliability, and affordability in one place. Read more:

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