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Rental is the new black – Flecto and Omocom in new collaboration

Uppdaterat: 15 mars

Flecto is the platform that helps businesses thrive in the circular economy by centralising all the essentials to manage rental operations in one single platform: from managing stock all the way to building online rental stores.

Flecto was founded in Portugal back in 2016 and went by Rnters at the time, a rental marketplace. They had big ambitions and wanted to make renting easy with their marketplace for all types of products: from the smallest, like a camera or a speaker, to the largest, like a surfboard. The success was outstanding and, as of 2022, as they continued to believe that equipment should be affordable and accessible to everyone, Rnters rebranded themselves and became Flecto, a rental management software for businesses and retailers.

Since 2023, Flecto and Swedish founded insurtech company Omocom have entered a

collaboration that enables t all Flecto rentals to be insured during the rental period.

In addition to providing greater safety, the insurance program isi also lowering the threshold for companies that typically would hesitate to let others rent valuable products. The Omocom insurance is automatically included in the offer, and the insurance solution is seamlessly embedded in Flecto’s digital flows for a smooth and seamless user experience.

Flecto is available worldwide, though Omocom’s Insurance solution will only cover the

Portuguese and Spanish markets for now. Omocom will therefore also provide claims support in local language, which is always included and a natural part of the service provided.

100% hassle-free customer experience

Both Flecto and Omocom value and put big effort and pride into providing smooth and

hassle-free experiences for all involved parties.

Whenever a user decides to enable this first-of-its-kind integration, insurance will protect every item that is registered in a Flecto rental against theft and damage.

The customer experience will therefore be fully seamless, all the way from a Flecto rental to an Omocom claim and reimbursement.

Circular incitements

The name Flecto is latin for curve, bend or curl, which means the change of direction needed in retail: to support a new generation of people and businesses redefine consumer habits.

The name Omocom originates from the Swedish saying ”om och om”, which translates ”again and again” and refers to things to be used over and over again to increase the use of existing resources, for a more sustainable future.

Just like Omocom, Flecto’s goal is to support a new generation of people and businesses by redefining consumer habits, for a sustainable future.

W. R. Berkley is risk carrier of the insurance.

Read more about Flecto and Omocom.

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