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Prepare your bike for the autumn-season

What is the season of the bicycle? "All seasons!" we say at Omocom, and our partner MIOO with us. Cycling in autumn is fantastic and very refreshing in the cool air.

We spoke to MIOO's CMO Anja Kullberg, who shares her top cycling tips for the upcoming autumn and winter season. Check out Anja's tips below and fill a thermos with hot chocolate, and you'll soon have the perfect autumn outing!

Anja's tips for seasonally preparing your bike.
  • Clean and oil the chain Do a thorough cleaning of the chain. Use warm water with soap or detergent and clean the chain with a lint-free cloth. Old sheets cut into small pieces are perfect for reusing for bike cleaning. Once the chain is clean and dry, oil it. There are two types of oil, wet and dry. In autumn and winter, wet oil is best. Lubricate the inside of the chain and wipe off any excess oil.

  • Review bicycle lights Check that both front and rear lights are working. Good lights are a good investment that will make cycling in the autumn darkness safer.

  • Check air pressure and tyre condition Pump up the tyres and it will roll easier. If the tyres are worn and dry to the point where there are small cracks in the rubber and the pattern is worn out, it's time to change to new tyres.

Bonus-tips for winter cyclists
  • Rinse off salt and dirt regularly If you cycle in winter, it's a good idea to regularly rinse salt and dirt off your chain and drive train. Take a bucket of warm water and rinse. Road salt wears hard and causes the chain to rust, so regular cleaning will extend its life considerably.

  • Invest in studded tyres If you're cycling in the winter, studded tyres are convenient, so you don't have to worry about ice patches and slippery road surfaces.

MIOO's Anja Kullberg shares her best autumn and winter cycling tips.

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