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Portuguese refurbished electronics ecommerce, iOutlet, collaborates with Omocom

Offering circular insurance The Portuguese ecommerce company for refurbished electronic devices, iOutlet, has started a collaboration with InsurTech intermediary, Omocom.

Omocom will be offering integrated insurance for iOutlet's rented and sold refurbished electronic device products i.e. smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops & desktop computers), thus prologing the lifetime of such devices, which is an advantage both economically for the consumer, and for our environment.

Next level circularity

With iOutlet teaming up with Omocom, both companies are taking circularity to the next level, by offering all-risk and extended warranty insurance for electronic devices sold or rented through iOutlet.

If a damage, theft or technical breakdown occurs, Omocom will maintain the circular loop, by referring the replacement or repair back through iOutlet.

"Omocom's dual-fold rental and purchase insurance for refurbished electronic devices integrated into ecommerce platforms (covering damage, loss, theft and extended warranty), is unique and the first of it's kind in Portugal and the greater European Union."

Omocom's Regional Manager of Southern Europe, Damian Roach, continues: "There is an increasing consumer demand for the possibility to be able to rent refurbished electronic devices, along with the option to buy refurbished ones"

"iOutlet is an innovator in Portugal by offering their customers both rental and purchase options of refurbished electronic devices, and therefore in being Europe's only circular economy InsurTech, thus Omocom are delighted to be supporting iOutlet and their clients with a bespoke insurance, that ultimately contributes to the extension and protection of an electronic product's lifecycle."

Says Omocom's Regional Manager of Southern Europe, Damian Roach, about the collaboration with iOutlet.

As iOutlet are customer oriented and aim to proactively provide customers with a positive experience in the world of refurbished electronic devices, so now together with Omocom, iOutlet can provide a seamless and smooth user experience, starting from the product sale or rental, through to insurance protection, and finally through to replacement or repair, of a damaged or stolen device.

"We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Omocom. iOutlet focuses on the needs of our customers and since 2015 we were looking for a partner company to provide insurance to our customers. Finally, with our partnership, we will be able to offer that added value to our customers and we are very happy with that."

Says Nuno Marques, CEO of iOutlet.

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