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Omocom supports Evollis in Spain and Portugal, with long-term rental insurance for electronics

New collaboration

Evollis is the French-founded leader of B2C leasing services for electronic equipment throughout Europe, and they have now teamed up with Swedish InsurTech intermediary Omocom, for a circular collaboration in Spain and Portugal, that will limit the environmental footprint and strive to increase the use of existing resources, for a more sustainable future. Omocom will be offering integrated insurance for Evollis’ clients in Spain and Portugal, that covers damage and theft on long-term rentals of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, which is an advantage both economically for the consumer and for the environment.

The Evollis and Omocom collaboration is taking circularity to the next level

“We are delighted to support Evollis during this period of great expansion for their business. Both our companies have worked very hard to arrive at a point where Omocom’s insurance fitted perfectly to Evollis’ model, such is the flexibility of being an InsurTech. We are also blessed that our values on the long-term sustainability of existing products are very much aligned with Evollis’ own values, and this will sustain a long-term business relationship beyond borders”, says Damian Roach, Regional Manager, Omocom Southern Europe.

Ownership is over. The future is renting!

Evollis delivers a complete digital solution to managing electronic device rental programs. Now, having already teamed up with InsurTech company Omocom, for Evollis’ Spanish and Portuguese clients, the future plan will be to expand further into other markets, where Evollis requires a tailor-made digital insurance support.

“Insurance is at the heart of our rental business model. We are committed to providing our clients with an optimal experience in using their equipment and making it sustainable as well”,

says Renaud de Saint Sernin, VP of Sales at Evollis.

“We are very pleased with the partnership and teamwork with Omocom; they share our vision and have been flexible and efficient in developing the insurance service.”

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