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Omocom new member of Le Club de la Durabilité / The sustainability club

The Swedish founded InsurTech-company Omocom are the newest member of the France-based sustainability network called: Le Club de la Durabilité, which translates as 'The sustainability club'. The club consists of companies involved in the change towards the sustainability of goods and services.

The Sustainable Club describes themselves as a network full of quality experts, and we understand why, as alongside circular InsurTech company Omocom, there are big industry players such as Leboncoin, Michelin, Murfy, Swap Europe ,BackMarket, FNAC Darty, Electro Depot and Leroy Merlin, which are already members of the club and contribute with their professional circular experiences, as well as inspiration towards a more sustainable way of living.

Vision of Le Club de la Durabilité - A new norm

The goal is to have sustainable products, as well as sustainable production chains as the norm. The vision and goal of the growing network is to combine ecology and economy and meet the demand of citizens who require sustainable as well as repairable products.

A big part of the vision implies that companies must be equipped to offer both products and services that respond to a circular logic. The resources of these circular and repairable products could and should be optimized. Products should be designed to last, and should not only be sold to end consumers but also be donated, rented, reconditioned/refurbed, or repaired.

"Le Club de la Durabilité is the spearhead in bringing together the major actors of industry in France, whom will have the strongest impact towards transitioning to a circular economy of sustainable products, which is very much in demand by the populace. Therefore, it is a fantastic achievement that Omocom has been accepted into this esteemed network, as Omocom is a key-enabler in France and Europe-wide, to companies that require flexible and integrated insurance solutions, which fully supports and protects sustainable products and related services."

says Omocom's Damian Roach, Regional Manager, Southern Europe.

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