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Omocom expands further into Europe and recruits Portugal-based Damian Roach

Omocom proudly welcomes a new Omocomer - Portugal-based Regional Manager Damian Roach. With a professional background within the insurance business, Damian joined the team in late September and will fit perfectly into the Sales-team of currently 6 persons, along with additional responsibility to establish Omocom’s operation in the region. Damian Roach will be Omocom’s Regional Manager with responsibility for Southern Europe.

With over 15 years of commercial and regional management experience, Damian will be a perfect and well-needed fit for Omocom's Sales team that currently is a team of 6 persons. The timing is perfect since Omocom, as late as last week, got the news that they are allowed to distribute insurance-solutions in an additional 25 European countries, including Portugal.

Welcome to the Omocom-family Damian! Is there anything in particular that made you excited to continue your professional journey with Omocom?

The question could probably be, why would I not want to work for Omocom?” says Damian.

He continues:

The opportunity was very appealing, because not only does it operate in a space that is familiar to my experience, but Omocom is a company that will disrupt, challenge and innovate a conservative insurance industry on a global scale, with products that are very attuned to consumer demand in the 21st century, notwithstanding it is helping save the planet for the long-term by keeping assets in use and insurable for as long as possible

The recruitment of Portugal-based Damian Roach also ties well in with Omocom’s recent venture capital seed round, where the Lisbon-based investor Mustard Seed MAZE was one of the primary investors.

I thrive on being part of a team that spearheads change and innovation with greater ethical goals, and having always been on that front-line to drive these forwards, therefore it was really a no-brainer for me to continue my professional journey with Omocom” – Damian Roach, Omocom Regional Manager in Southern Europe.

We are very happy to have Damian on board, and welcomes him into the Omocom-family!

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