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Looking back on 2022

Uppdaterat: 15 dec. 2022

Time flies, and suddenly even the corona pandemic seems like a distant memory. The 2022 Swedish search trends on Google reflect the year quite well, and have been topped by searches about the war in Ukraine, electricity and petrol prices, the parliamentary elections, as well as searches about the Qatar World Cup and monkeypox.

Despite Google searches, we have collected a few memorable tidbits that reflects and have defined the Omocom year. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the Omocom goodies of 2022!

Goodies from the Omocom year 2022

  • Milestone #1: In August, we passed 300,000 online insurance sales

  • Milestone #2: We celebrated being live in 11 markets across Europe

  • Our (digital) employee Ned has continued to work around the clock, without a break, all 365 days of 2022 🦾

  • The XXL Care insurance offered in 11 selected physical XXL stores around Sweden

  • Expanded our risk carrier portfolio so that we now have a selection of a total of 5 different risk carriers

  • We redesigned the telephony structure, got the CEO-Ola's northern voice into the switchboard, and are celebrating an average response time of 17 seconds!

  • So far, just over 4,800 claims have been settled in all Omocom markets (Hint: Michaela "the claims lady" Michan accounts for over 90% of these)

  • The Omocom family has expanded with 3 babies

And last but not least, we went live with lots of new platforms! Listing them here is too long and could be perceived as boastful. Feel free to scroll through Omocom's blog to read more about the collaborations in detail...

We wish our customers, partners, employees, and fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We would be nothing without you 💜

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