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GoMore and Omocom in new collaboration

First came Finland, then Austria, and as of July 2022, Sweden has been added to the list. Omocom now provides insurance solutions for GoMore in three European markets, rapidly expanding the collaboration. The two companies both strive for the same goal, to get more people to share already produced assets, in this case: cars.

Omocom offers digital and embedded insurance solutions for the circular economy that create security and trust for those who rent and rent out. In 2021, Sweden had around 5 million registered passenger cars, and the average car is parked for 23 hours, every day. Instead of buying a new vehicle, Omocom and GoMore want to make it more attractive to share already produced cars. With fewer vehicles in production and on the road, we reduce CO2 emissions and make great use of existing resources, which is great for our wallets, and our planet.

Embedded and digital across Europe

Omocom has a license to distribute insurance in 25+ markets in Europe and has collaborations with various risk carriers to offer scalable insurance solutions. The insurance is embedded and API-based in GoMore’s mobile app and web-based services. The API-integration is fast and straightforward for all parts since the API is built to be as similar as possible throughout all markets despite local legal differences.

Claims are handled in local languages in all markets internally by Omocom along with close partner Van Ameyde.

”Omocom’s insurance solution helps speed our growth and expansion substantially by offering a multi-country insurance model. This is a great strategic benefit for us instead of having to negotiate and manage different insurance contracts in each market. Moreover, Omocom is a strong customer-centric partner that we are very happy to work and grow with” - Thomas Christensen, COO GoMore

"We're very happy and proud of the collaboration with GoMore and the great feedback we've received so far, it's a great receipt of our efforts and strategy. GoMore is a true dream client of ours and precisely the reason why we founded Omocom. We've launched our insurances in three of GoMore's markets within 1,5 years, and hopefully, we can add more markets to that list in the near future. This is just the beginning for GoMore, the sharing economy, and Omocom." - Sara Forsberg, CCO Omocom.

About GoMore

GoMore is an online platform for peer-to-peer car rental and car leasing. Founded in Denmark in 2013, GoMore has over 3 million members in six markets and has ambitious plans to grow the company over the coming years.

GoMore provides all types of cars, so whether you need a ride for a family holiday, a weekend trip, or a van for the move, there is a car that suits you.

About Omocom

Omocom is a Swedish insurance intermediary. Founded in 2019, Omocom has since provided embedded and digital insurances for the circular economy across Europe and works with platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources. The insurance is API-based and data-driven at all possible stages, leading to friction-free flows and minimal administration for all parts.

Risk carrier of the insurances is Bâloise Luxembourg.

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