GEMME makes it natural to rent fashion

Gemme, or the Gemme Collective, is the company that since 2019 has had the ambition to help save the planet by renting designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Gemme Collective is, just as the name suggests, a collective of stylish people who share their dream wardrobe via Gemme's platform. At Gemme, members list parts of their wardrobe, their 'gemmes', for rent to other fashionable people. It's like Airbnb, but for fashion. The goal is for Gemme to be available in most of the world's major cities, and for it to be as obvious a part of a travel experience as, for example, accommodation via Airbnb.

Fashion + Circularity = True

Saving the planet and saving nature's resources may not be the first thing associated with fashion, and this is exactly what Gemme wants to change by encouraging and inspiring people to rent and rent high-quality existing clothes, shoes, and accessories.

To reduce the impact on climate, environment, and natural resources, new circular business models are needed where you can subscribe to or rent and rent out clothes. To further encourage renting out the owners' gems (gemme:s), insurance is included in the garments that are rented out. The insurance is mediated by the startup and insuretech company Omocom, whose business concept aims to create incentives to keep existing products in use.

Omocom asked GEMME's founder and CEO Emelie Gustafsson Maistedt some questions.

Where did the idea for Gemme Collective come from?

"Honestly, I just wanted access to expensive fashion cheaply. The idea comes from the fact that as a poor student in London wanted access to designer fashion and expensive luxury bags, but simply could not afford it. Therefore, I thought, why can I not borrow a Balenciaga top or Chanel bag by someone nearby and pay 30-40 pounds? " Emelie answers.

Of what importance do you think the insurance is for the owners of the garments that are rented out? Great importance! This makes our users feel safe in renting out their beloved products!

That users feel safe when lending out their beloved fashion items is a key factor, which is why all GEMME rentals are insured with Omocom

Extend the life of clothes and reduce the environmental impact

The lifespan of clothing in Sweden has decreased by a third during the 2000s. An average garment is used on average seven to eight times and we only keep them for 2 years and 3 months. Textiles are the fifth largest source of emissions in terms of private consumption.

Between 2000 and 2009, consumption of textiles increased by 40%. Between 2000 and 2014, the production of clothing doubled, but the world's population did not.

There are a lot of alarming and depressing figures regarding textile consumption and environmental impact, which we do not need to go deeper into in this post, but with Gemme and Omocom's collaboration we want to highlight that we actually can make a difference. By extending the life of clothes, the environmental impact is significantly reduced. In addition to being a landlord, you get back some of the money you have invested in your garments, you contribute to a more sustainable world and also get access to an assortment that is already in people's wardrobes and the chance to find unique garments.

Emelie Gustafsson Maistedt adds to Omocom that it is never good to produce new fashion, but that many Scandinavian brands are incredibly good at switching to a kinder, more environmentally friendly, production.

Gemme is currently available in Stockholm, but aims to launch in Copenhagen and Berlin shortly. Read more about the Gemme Collective at or search for the hashtag #thegemmes.

Sources: European Environment Agency, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. This blog-post is a translation from Swedish.