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Furniture rental company Pabio teams up with circular insurance intermediary Omocom

Pabio is a Swiss-founded furniture rental company that offers personalized interior design services. The company was founded in 2020 and has its headquarters in Weihergasse, Bern. Together with Swedish insurtech company Omocom, they have now launched their collaboration and are now including an extensive all-risk insurance with the Pabio-service. Pabio, just like Omocom, have a circular mindset and rents out packages of long-lasting furniture of high quality to both tenants and homeowners. Pabio’s service include free curating by a professional interior designer, as well as delivery and assembly of the furniture. The customer chooses if they want furniture for an entire apartment, or just single rooms. The rental is subscription based, and the renter pays monthly for the package that they’ve chosen. There’s also a buy-out option available, for the pieces that one wants to keep forever.

"We want to offer our customers a single subscription for their homes, combining interior design with furniture rental, and including services like delivery, installation, assembly, and electrical work. With our partnership with Omocom, we can now add comprehensive insurance to our subscription, having a much more complete offering. We're very excited about this!"

said Anand Chowdhary, co-founder of Pabio. Stress-free and seamless customer experience With Omocom, Pabio adds an extra level to the stress-free experience. Spilled milk over your favorite couch? Don’t sweat it. The Omocom insurance covers damage, theft or loss caused by an sudden and unforeseen event. When an accident has happened, the renter simply just clicks their personalized claims-link in the e-mail that they received at the start of the rental, which will lead them to a pre-filled form to describe the damage, before Omocom’s claims adjusters will take care of the damage in local language.

”It’s an absolute pleasure to be collaborating with an innovative player such as Pabio who, just like Omocom, wants to keep existing things in use and cares about the environment. The Omocom-insurance adds another dimension to Pabio’s ample offer, and we’re confident that the consumers will appreciate it”

said Omocom’s CCO Sara Forsberg about the collaboration.

W. R. Berkley Insurance Nordic is risk carrier of the insurance.

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