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Expanding and adding Sweden - Camptoo and Omocom launch in 4 markets in less than a year

The Camptoo platform was launched in the Netherlands in 2014 and can be described as an Airbnb for campers, camper vans, and caravans.

Omocom announced the launch of three Omocom/Camptoo markets in June. After almost four months, the 4th market has been launched and is successfully live. Sweden is the fourth country that the two companies collaborate on.

”We met Camptoo as early as 2019 and actually remodeled Omocom’s whole strategy after hearing Camptoo’s struggles with finding an insurance- partner and solution that could be used cross several markets. Our plan then became to provide a scalable and flexible insurance solutions, and therefore we are tremendously happy to have Camptoo onboard and live in three different markets.”

says CCO of Omocom, Sara Forsberg.

Adding a fourth market to the collaboration proves Omocom's flexibility and scalability.

The challenge for Camptoo was finding an insurance provider that is both flexible and scalable across the multiple markets that they currently, and are planning to, operate in.

"As Camptoo grew and expanded into new markets, we noticed it was inefficient to set up insurances on a country-by-country basis and have different insurance levels and technical integrations for each country. In Omocom, we found a highly agile and international partner with whom we can scale quickly into our Nordic markets as well as into Poland. The rollout has been very smooth and users are loving the insurance solution." says COO of Camptoo, Niels de Greef. About Camptoo

Camptoo has grown significantly since its launch in 2014, becoming one of Europe's largest rental platforms.

On Camptoo, owners of campervans list their vehicles when they are not using them, and travelers who want to rent a motorhome or caravan can find what they are looking for on the platform. This way, campervan owners can make money from their idle and unused campervan for several months of the year. For owners, the extra income is helpful since the campervan still requires storage, insurance, and maintenance on a yearly basis.

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About Omocom Omocom is a Swedish insurance intermediary. Founded in 2019, Omocom has since provided embedded and digital insurances for the circular economy across Europe and works with platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources. The insurance is API-based and data-driven at all possible stages, leading to friction-free flows and minimal administration for all parts.

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