Circular Monday, formerly known as White Monday, is the day of circular consumption that falls on the Monday before Black Friday each year. This year, 2022, the day falls on 21 November.

Circular Monday was founded in 2017 by the Swedish circular fabric repair company Repamera AB, and has since grown into a global campaign. In 2020, the name "White Monday" was changed to "Circular Monday" to make the message clearer.

The aim is to spread the word about companies offering circular products and services, and encourage circular consumption that is kind to both the wallet and the planet. The hashtag #circularmonday brings together posts and campaigns, providing information and encouraging circular consumption.

"Another shopping day?" many people probably think when they hear about campaigns and hashtags encouraging consumption. Well absolutely, but unlike Black Friday for example, circular shopping actually reduces the amount of waste.

So, what does circular economy really mean?

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, renovating and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. The opposite of a circular economy is a linear economy where products are made, used and discarded. "Take, make, waste" is an English expression often used as a deterrent, and is exactly what a circular model discourages.

In short, the circular economy can be described as consumption that is kinder to the environment, and leaves less of a carbon footprint than traditional manufacturing and consumption of gadgets.

Here are some examples of what you as an individual can do to contribute to sustainable and circular consumption:

Rent and share: you can rent tools, clothes and vehicles when needed, instead of buying brand new items. Platforms like Hygglo, Heap carsharing and GoMore have business models for just this.

Repair: repair your stuff when it breaks, instead of buying brand new.

Of course, it's possible to repair more categories than vehicles and bikes - clothes, tools, furniture and electronics are also perfectly repairable. At Omocom, when we receive a damage report, we always encourage you to repair the damage in the first place, if possible. Good, huh?

Tip! Omocom works with the awesome MIOO who can repair your bike, at a time and place that suits you!

Buy used and recycle: it's not just houses, apartments and cars that are good to buy used - let's get into the habit of buying used stuff in other categories too! Clothes, toys and furniture are examples of gadgets that abound on sites like Blocket, Marketplace and flea markets. Transport your used goods seamlessly via Tiptapp, which has a neat integration directly from Blocket's website.

Used and refurbished electronics such as mobile phones can also be bought in excellent quality from e.g. Inrego, Refurbly, PhoneHero and others, and often repair and recycling of old and new electronics is also offered directly from the supplier.

Make sure to recycle old electronics, toys, clothes, etc. - both to reduce the carbon footprint and because the material can be used again, in new or upcycled gadgets.


Utöver alla grymma plattformar som Omocom samarbetar med, är vi även engagerade i cirkulära nätverk som ämnar för att främja en cirkulär ekonomi.

EUREFAS - The European refurbishment association representing the refurbishment industry in Europe, to promote the circular economy and help to build a greener world.

Cradlenet - Accelerates the transition to circular economy in Sweden. A cross-sector network for companies that want to become circular.

Le Club de la Durabilité - A network of entrepreneurs of change towards programmed sustainability Ellen MacArthur foundation - On a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy

A caring collaboration XXL was looking for a flexible and digital insurance partner, which it found in the insurance broker and insurtech company Omocom. For XXL, it was important to find a partner who shared XXL's long-term strategies and who was able to offer the insurance in all of XXL's physical stores in the Nordic countries and Austria, as well as for the online business.

The insurance, named XXL Care, is an all-risk insurance that covers sudden and unexpected damage and theft, for 12 months. For members of the XXL Reward customer club, the insurance also offers additional benefits and security, such as free ski rent or reimbursement of travel expenses in the event of an accident.

The insurance will initially be exposed in a number of XXL stores in Sweden and ambassadors have also been appointed in the pilot stores who have regular check-ins with dedicated Omocom staff. This is to ensure that they have all the necessary tools and support to make the sales go as smoothly as possible.

Omocom and XXL in cooperation for repair and service

XXL currently carries out repairs for several different product groups and has workshops in all its department stores. If the insured product breaks down, the customer is referred to the nearest XXL workshop for repair. If the insured product is beyond repair or, for example, stolen, the customer is replaced with an equivalent product from XXL. This cooperation means that the customer can get both help and replacement quickly and easily and that products are kept in use for longer.

The cooperation, which is initially a pilot, is designed to scale up and expand smoothly, with the goal for both XXL and Omocom to grow across even more product categories and to all of XXL's 93 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Austria, as well as to launch the insurance in XXL's e-commerce.

"We are incredibly happy and proud that XXL has chosen us as their insurance partner. We complement XXL's needs in a very good way where we can offer flexible solutions for a pilot phase in the short term and in the long term where we can offer solutions for XXL's entire business, both in physical stores and online, in all markets where XXL has a presence. We can also help XXL in its journey around renting, selling second hand items and in sustainability in general.

The project and implementation with XXL has gone incredibly smoothly, and we have also had a lot of fun along the way" - says Sara Forsberg, CCO at Omocom.

About XXL

Since its launch in Oslo, Norway in 2001, XXL has become one of the fastest growing sports retailers in Europe, with a total of 93 stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria.

"We are now testing XXL Care in selected department stores in Sweden to learn lessons and continuously develop and adapt the content of our insurance. From the beginning, the goal has been to put the customer in focus and offer an insurance that not only stands out in the market in terms of price but above all for what the insurance actually contains. For example, we offer reimbursement for both ski rental and travel costs if the ski/bike is unusable, which is unique.

This has allowed us to keep a high profile during the project and to ask the right questions and challenge the content in order to be able to launch a very affordable insurance to our customers. We hope and believe that we will be able to add on more benefits for our customers through Omocom and build on XXL Care after the pilot" - says Tobias Ahrens, Sales Manager at XXL

"At XXL we want our customers to be able to use the equipment for as long as possible, so this is a project that suits us perfectly. By being able to offer insurance on products that our customers buy from us, we encourage customers to be able to get their products repaired instead of throwing them away and buying new ones, which has also been important to Omocom.

Omocom provides a great technical platform that we can build on in the future, making the customer journey and experience around insurance even more flexible. They have also been flexible and open to new solutions, something we depend on to develop an attractive service for our customers. Based on this, we believe that Omocom is the natural insurance partner for us at XXL" - says Mihkku Tostrup, Head of paid services at XXL.

About Omocom

Omocom is a Swedish insurtech company and insurance intermediary founded in 2018 with the goal of supporting and incentivizing the circular economy. Omocom's insurance solutions are API-based and at the time of writing are available in 11 markets across Europe.

Fact about XXL / Omocom cooperation:

  • The insurance is initially offered in 10 Swedish XXL stores

  • The insurance can be purchased in the product categories Ski, Bicycle and other sports and leisure equipment such as sports watches and GPS devices.

  • The insurance offered is an all-risk insurance that covers unexpected damage and theft.

  • The insurance is valid for 1 year (extension possible)

  • The customer price of the insurance starts from 299: - and is based on the value of the goods

  • Low or no excess

Riskbärare av försäkringen är W. R. Berkley Nordic.

Seen in pictures, from the top down: Sara Forsberg, Tobias Ahrens and Mihkku Tostrup.

The Camptoo platform was launched in the Netherlands in 2014 and can be described as an Airbnb for campers, camper vans, and caravans.

Omocom announced the launch of three Omocom/Camptoo markets in June. After almost four months, the 4th market has been launched and is successfully live. Sweden is the fourth country that the two companies collaborate on.

”We met Camptoo as early as 2019 and actually remodeled Omocom’s whole strategy after hearing Camptoo’s struggles with finding an insurance- partner and solution that could be used cross several markets. Our plan then became to provide a scalable and flexible insurance solutions, and therefore we are tremendously happy to have Camptoo onboard and live in three different markets.”

says CCO of Omocom, Sara Forsberg.

Adding a fourth market to the collaboration proves Omocom's flexibility and scalability.

The challenge for Camptoo was finding an insurance provider that is both flexible and scalable across the multiple markets that they currently, and are planning to, operate in.

"As Camptoo grew and expanded into new markets, we noticed it was inefficient to set up insurances on a country-by-country basis and have different insurance levels and technical integrations for each country. In Omocom, we found a highly agile and international partner with whom we can scale quickly into our Nordic markets as well as into Poland. The rollout has been very smooth and users are loving the insurance solution." says COO of Camptoo, Niels de Greef. About Camptoo

Camptoo has grown significantly since its launch in 2014, becoming one of Europe's largest rental platforms.

On Camptoo, owners of campervans list their vehicles when they are not using them, and travelers who want to rent a motorhome or caravan can find what they are looking for on the platform. This way, campervan owners can make money from their idle and unused campervan for several months of the year. For owners, the extra income is helpful since the campervan still requires storage, insurance, and maintenance on a yearly basis.

Read more:

About Omocom Omocom is a Swedish insurance intermediary. Founded in 2019, Omocom has since provided embedded and digital insurances for the circular economy across Europe and works with platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources. The insurance is API-based and data-driven at all possible stages, leading to friction-free flows and minimal administration for all parts.