Not everything needs to be owned, which both Lainappi and Omocom agree on since the two companies' business concept is a result of this. Finnish company Lainappi has an app-based platform that easily, safely, and smart lets persons share their belongings to a price that the owner decides for themselves. Everything from sports equipment, power tools, and clothing can be shared via Lainappi’s app, and when adding safety in terms of an Omocom-insurance the offer is a ‘no-brainer for owners that might have previously been unsure about renting out their belongings. The Omocom-insurance is an all-risk solution and covers damage, theft, and loss during the whole rental period.

“We at Lainappi, are pleased to improve our service by providing insurance to our users through Omocom. We know how much value it brings to our users to be able to safely share their items to others. We were thrilled to find a company like Omocom, that shares the same values and was able to provide a new kind of insurance model. We welcome everyone to our new, improved Lainappi”, says Lainappi about the collaboration with Omocom in their press comment.

When damage occurs, a claim is reported directly via Omocom’s all-digital claims form. When clicking the claims link in the e-mail that’s received at the start of the Lainappi-rental, the form is pre-filled with all necessary information about the rental - The owner of the item only has to complete the form with information about the damage and click “send” for the claim to be handled by Omocoms experienced claims specialists.

Omocom offers claims handling in local languages, which means that Lainappi’s customers will be taken care of in Finnish.

Easy, safe, and smart

Lainappi’s mission is to promote sharing economy and green economy by encouraging rent instead of buying. Just like Omocom, they want to enable easy, safe, and smart rentals of existing products.

Omocom’s main mission is to keep customers' stuff in use, despite the fact that they get damaged during the rental period. Today, 9 out of 10 of Omocoms customers state that they will continue to rent out their stuff even though they have been damaged.

“The collaboration between Lainappi and Omocom is a "perfect match" as both seem to share existing resources. Why buy new when you can rent from someone instead? Together with Lainappi, Omocom wants to increase customers' circular choices by offering insurance so that the customer can feel safe” says Christian Weimer, Senior Business Developer at Omocom.

Omocom is a Sweden-based insurance agent who offers short-time insurances, specially fitted for products within the circular economy. Omocom works with platforms aimed at increasing the use of existing resources, for a more sustainable future.

Lainappi is a Tampere-based company founded in 2020. The business is based on innovative household items rental services offered to consumers and business customers. The service works through a mobile application, where users can rent items from each other, such as tools, sports equipment, and clothing.

Read more about Lainappi:

The risk carrier of the insurance is W. R. Berkley Nordic.

Omocom-partner Vakansa opened and had the initiation of their new coworking space, in the Stockholm district of Solberga. The coworking space, which is also rightfully described as a neighborhood office, is initiated together with Stockholm's largest public housing company Stockholmshem. The neighborhood office is a pilot project and is for residents of Solberga who are looking for an ergonomic workplace close to home. The space can also be used on evenings and weekends for meetings and administrative tasks.

Omocom was invited to participate in the opening initiating, which suitably took place on the 1st of October - just a few days after the pandemic restrictions in Sweden were lifted. We arrived at the cozy, calm, and quite quiet neighborhood of Solberga on the rainy Friday afternoon. The entrance to the Vakansa coworking space was half a stair down, of the side of the house. The Vakansa-green balloons that we saw through the windows earlier gossiped that we were at the right place.

We were immediately welcomed by Vakansa-founder and CEO Robin Rushdi Al Salehi and asked him jokingly how stressed he was for the opening. "I've got a lot of help from my cousins, so I can relax a bit now and greet my guests", Robin answered with a big smile.

Vakansa's vision of to promote sustainable urban development, without the need to build new houses or spaces. Robin Rushdi Al Salehi believes that the concept of multifunctional hubs will give the area life and movement during all waking hours of the day. That's why Vakansa has decided to become specialists in making existing spaces as easy to share as possible.

Robin gave a personal and inspiring speech about how why he entered the real estate industry, and why he founded Vakansa. It would not be fair for me to try to describe his beautiful speech, I instead highly suggest you see one for yourself (or via Youtube-search: Cities Meant For People or People Meant For Cities? | Robin Rushdi Al-Sálehi | TEDxUppsalaUniversity)

The atmosphere in the spacious Vakansa-office space was joyful and pleasant, and the question "Are you also from Stockholmshem?" we're asked to us Omocomers a few times. We're not, but we sure made some new contacts outside our regular set of businesses ✌🏼

Thank you Vakansa and Robin Rushdi Al Salehi for the invitation to the warm and lovely neighborhood office, we'll definitely be back.

Gemme, or the Gemme Collective, is the company that since 2019 has had the ambition to help save the planet by renting designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Gemme Collective is, just as the name suggests, a collective of stylish people who share their dream wardrobe via Gemme's platform. At Gemme, members list parts of their wardrobe, their 'gemmes', for rent to other fashionable people. It's like Airbnb, but for fashion. The goal is for Gemme to be available in most of the world's major cities, and for it to be as obvious a part of a travel experience as, for example, accommodation via Airbnb.

Fashion + Circularity = True

Saving the planet and saving nature's resources may not be the first thing associated with fashion, and this is exactly what Gemme wants to change by encouraging and inspiring people to rent and rent high-quality existing clothes, shoes, and accessories.

To reduce the impact on climate, environment, and natural resources, new circular business models are needed where you can subscribe to or rent and rent out clothes. To further encourage renting out the owners' gems (gemme:s), insurance is included in the garments that are rented out. The insurance is mediated by the startup and insuretech company Omocom, whose business concept aims to create incentives to keep existing products in use.

Omocom asked GEMME's founder and CEO Emelie Gustafsson Maistedt some questions.

Where did the idea for Gemme Collective come from?

"Honestly, I just wanted access to expensive fashion cheaply. The idea comes from the fact that as a poor student in London wanted access to designer fashion and expensive luxury bags, but simply could not afford it. Therefore, I thought, why can I not borrow a Balenciaga top or Chanel bag by someone nearby and pay 30-40 pounds? " Emelie answers.

Of what importance do you think the insurance is for the owners of the garments that are rented out? Great importance! This makes our users feel safe in renting out their beloved products!

That users feel safe when lending out their beloved fashion items is a key factor, which is why all GEMME rentals are insured with Omocom

Extend the life of clothes and reduce the environmental impact

The lifespan of clothing in Sweden has decreased by a third during the 2000s. An average garment is used on average seven to eight times and we only keep them for 2 years and 3 months. Textiles are the fifth largest source of emissions in terms of private consumption.

Between 2000 and 2009, consumption of textiles increased by 40%. Between 2000 and 2014, the production of clothing doubled, but the world's population did not.

There are a lot of alarming and depressing figures regarding textile consumption and environmental impact, which we do not need to go deeper into in this post, but with Gemme and Omocom's collaboration we want to highlight that we actually can make a difference. By extending the life of clothes, the environmental impact is significantly reduced. In addition to being a landlord, you get back some of the money you have invested in your garments, you contribute to a more sustainable world and also get access to an assortment that is already in people's wardrobes and the chance to find unique garments.

Emelie Gustafsson Maistedt adds to Omocom that it is never good to produce new fashion, but that many Scandinavian brands are incredibly good at switching to a kinder, more environmentally friendly, production.

Gemme is currently available in Stockholm, but aims to launch in Copenhagen and Berlin shortly. Read more about the Gemme Collective at or search for the hashtag #thegemmes.

Sources: European Environment Agency, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. This blog-post is a translation from Swedish.